Now to Compare

Transcription of the Typescript continues, but I now have the original Rigby’s Romance completely transcribed and ready for comparison. This I will do while my assistants and I continue to correct the transcriptions that my OCR program loyally produces (along with plenty of errors to correct).

With a transcript of the original Rigby’s Romance, I can now collate it with the text of the published version to see the extent of the change and to see whether Furphy’s revisions on

Comparing the Original Rigby's Romance with the Published Version

the typescript were all incorporated or whether he made other revisions on documents now lost. This will enable me to make some preliminary assessments about Furphy’s revisions and to test some of Julian Croft’s arguments about the textual history. When the time comes, all of the texts will be uploaded into a better system for comparative analysis, but for now, this is good enough for me to see what can be said about Furphy and whether the 1898 version of Such is Life can be reconstructed … or not.

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